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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories


We are not currently reading submissions. When we are reading, we accept simultaneous submissions, and we read them in the order in which we receive them, so if you want a spot near the front of the line, submit as soon as you like. The reading period ends when we get enough good stories to fill an issue. So far it's been a year between issues, but if we get enough good stories fast enough, it could be a lot sooner. But send us good shit, please; we don't even smoke the other stuff.

If you've checked out the samples here, or better yet read an issue or more,and think you've got a story we'd like, send us your work, or whatever other gift you think we might enjoy. When you do sub, we like attachments as .doc or .rtf files. Most of the stories we've run have been under 5000 words, but we've published up to 10,000 words. If you want a response to your submission, include contact information in the attachment.

Simultaneous submissions are fine; anything printed elsewhere, online or off, is not. If you like what you've read here but your writing is a different style, submit. Yeah we like pulp/noir, but we like other stuff too. We are opposed to limits.

We like stories where things actually happen, stories where someone might die.

We also like it when the jokes are funny.

We don't like Literature with a capital L. We do like literary fiction: we happen to think it includes the work of Dashiell Hammett and Harlan Ellison.

Mainly what we like are stories. Not symbols and themes and extensive descriptive passages, not paint-by-numbers well-structured tripe that fails to excite. We prefer the Shakespeare approach to existentialism: question the meaning of life, then litter the stage with corpses.

Payment is two copies of the issue in which you are published. We don't make any money on this, neither do you. But we like the stories we publish, and we send free copies to people we like/respect/worship. Including Harlan Ellison, who recommended one of the stories from issue 3 ("Dead Boys," by Gene Hines) to Ellen Datlow for consideration in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Which means issue 4 was sent to Harlan Ellison and Ellen Datlow and anyone else we added to our network in the meantime. And issues 5 through 7 to our favorite cult celebrities, "literary" and otherwise. Our circulation isn't huge, but it includes some names that matter.


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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories