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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories


Sean Craven is the assistant editor at Swill. He also is our art and design guy. That means he draws the creepy pictures. Yet there is even more to him than that. Blue-collar intellectual. Antisocial extrovert. Writer, illustrator, humorist, cook, and mal vivant, Sean Craven does not typically refer to himself in the third person.

Out of the Gutter Online Bareknuckles News, Views and Pulp

All Due Respect publishes crime fiction. That means fiction about crime. Not solving crime. Not bemoaning crime. Fiction about people who are criminals and maybe a little bit about why they are criminals, so long as you don't go Dr. Phil on it.

The Big Click is an electronic magazine of crime fiction. We publish bimonthly online and for various e-reader formats. Our mission is to find the best of new crime fiction in a variety of modes—we are especially interested in noir, confessional, weird and “literary” fiction that depict and interrogate crime and social trespass.

Shotgun Honey Crime. Hardboiled. Noir. Something like that.

Monday Night is an annual journal of literature and art that publishes short fiction, essays and poetry with an edge - something to make them want to sit up and read more.

Zygote in my Coffee is Brian Fugett' s excellent site, containing great poetry and prose, social commentary, political rants, art, cartoons and much more.

Rob's Blog I don't do much here but if you want to know more about me this is one place to look.

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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories