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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories


ELIZABETH ESLAMI is the author of the novel Bone Worship, available via .

BRIAN HAYCOCK's book about modern Zen practice (and cabdriving), Dharma Road, is available from Hampton Roads Publishing. It's Zen with an attitude and a sense of humor.

SPENCER DEW's story collection, Songs of Insurgency, published by Vagabond Press, is now available via or Small Press Distribution. Even better, however, would be for you to purchase the book at one of the fine independent retailers listed on Spencer's website,, or special-order the book through your friendly neighborhood bookstore.

DELPHINE LECOMPTE is the author of the novel Kittens In The Boiler, available from Thieves Jargon Press (

JEN MICHALSKI's collection of short stories, Close Encounters, is available from So New Media (

DOUG DRAIME's current works in print include: Slaves Of The Harvest (Indian Heritage Publishing, 2002), Unoccupied Zone (Pitchfork Press, 2004)), Spleen, an ebook, (Poetic Inhalation, 2004) and Spiders And Madmen (Scintillating Publications, 2005).

OWEN ROBERTS had his collection of poems, My Best Years are Probably Behind Me, published by Bottle of Smoke Press in 2003.

BUCKY SINISTER is the author of King of the Roadkills (Manic D Press, 1995), Whiskey and Robots (Gorsky Press, 2004) and All Blacked Out & Nowhere to Go (Gorsky Press). His debut CD, What Happens In Narnia Stays In Narnia, is available on the Talent Moat label.

COREY MESLER's novel-in-dialogue, Talk, was published by Livingston Press in 2002. Raves from Lee Smith, Robert Olen Butler, Steve Stern, Debra Spark, Suzanne Kingsbury, Frederick Barthelme and John Grisham. His new novel, We are Billion-Year-Old Carbon, is also from Livingston Press. Kind words this time from George Singleton, Marshall Chapman, Marshall Boswell and others.

JOHN SHIRLEY is the author of numerous novels and collections of short stories including the seminal cyberpunk work City Come A-Walkin', the popular allegorical horror novel Demons, and the Bram Stoker Award winning story collection Living Shadows. He is a screenwriter (eg, The Crow), and songwriter as well, having written lyrics for himself and the Blue Oyster Cult. His newest story collection is Living Shadows; his newest novels are Bleak History from Simon and Schuster and Black Glass: The lost Cyberpunk Novel from Elder Signs Press. Blog at

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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories