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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories

Rob Pierce, Editor-in-Chief
Sean Craven, Assistant Editor, Art & Design
We are an entity.
Copyright 2015 by Swill. All rights to the works herein revert to their creators.

We are two people, Rob and Sean. Sean's blog is here, and he talks about his part of the Swill editing process here.

As for me, I'm responsible for all the editorial content in both the hardcopy and online versions of Swill, and I'm pretty damn happy about that. And I don't post the raves about Swill from my numerous rockstar friends because I don't feel that has anything to do with the writing - it's the stories that matter, not the fact that they've been loved by people who won't admit to being members of Wilco or the Rolling Stones.

Now, Sean says people who read websites like personal info. So I guess I could say that I look like a stick person with a beer gut, although I'm good enough at wearing clothes that the gut shows only if I wear old shirts. I have two blogs that I try to neglect equally - one for me and one for Swill (which is just as personal as the one for me). If you are curious about my drunken ramblings, or just want more frequent Swill updates, I am on Facebook pretty damned frequently.

We started this magazine because we didn't think the current literary scene was much fun, and we knew good writers who were perfectly capable of entertaining without telling us how they became men on hunting trips with their fathers.

So there's excerpts on this website from every story included in issues 1 through 7, except for a couple that were removed by author request. If you'd like to buy the magazine, the info is available HERE.

Or, if you just want to write to us, go right ahead.

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Literary Fiction, Noir, Pulp Fiction, Short Stories